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From a quality standpoint, how does AirQueen compare with other face masks on the market?

The AirQueen is a high grade medical mask so its quality does not compare with the typical cloth masks which provide minimal protection.

Against its peer group in the healthcare sector, the AirQueen Nano Mask is a full FDA approved N95 substantial equivalent. It blocks a minimum of 95% of particles while allowing superior air flow (independent testing shows average of +97% filtration protection – see the Nelson Labs reports on the website for more details). The nano-filter allows extreme breathability and comfort which, in addition to the excellent protection provided, is one of its strong value propositions.

The AirQueen is essentially one of the safest masks produced which is available in quantity to both the healthcare industry and the general public.

Note: The AirQueen Nano Mask is NOT A NIOSH approved mask. All NIOSH masks have a double behind the head band and The AirQueen Nano Mask is ear loop design.

How does the kids Airbon compare?

Designed for kids, it provides superior respiratory protection and functionality with comfort in mind. The filtration utilized in the Airbon mask is the same as the FDA approved N95 substantial equivalent Airqueen (adult mask) which is so safe that it is used by operating room personnel. By using this same technology, it is about as safe of a mask for kids that parents can find.

I want to place a bulk order, is there a sales representative with whom I can speak directly to?

Yes, You can by Clicking here  WHOLESALE or FOR BUSINESS. Alternatively use the ENQUIRY FORM

Is the mask reusable or washable?

There are many FDA or CDC approved cleaning, washing and reuse techniques for electrostatic filter masks available, none are approved for nano fiber masks like AirQueen Nano Mask. There are also many online articles and videos that specifically discuss best practices for washing and reusing the AirQueen Nano Mask. However, to the best of our knowledge none of these techniques have been adequately reviewed or sanctioned by the medical community therefore we do not recommend customers rely on washing techniques found online until conclusive research is made available. We will update you as soon reliable information becomes available.

Update: Researchers in Japan and Korea studied the reusability of the same nano fiber filtration used in AirQueen masks and concluded nano fiber masks can be successfully reused multiple times after simple cleaning with ethanol. Click Here for the full report.

Do the Air Queen and Air Bon Masks come individually wrapped?

Yes, every mask is individually wrapped as this is more sterile than selling multiple masks together in a single package.

Why are some AirQueen masks packaged with glossy packaging?

Airqueen masks are manufactured to the highest standards using the same manufacturing and quality control process. AirQueen masks are produced across multiple manufacturing lines, meaning some masks are packaged for sale with slightly different packing finishes. For example, one manufacturing line may run a glossy finished package while another may run a matte finish. The estimated date for final production of glossy packaging in February 2021 as the manufacture begins to fully phase in matte packing across all manufacturing lines. We only stock the AIRQUEEN Breeze, which comes in the updated matte finished pack.

How soon will my masks ship after I place the order?

Generally, orders placed Monday – Friday before 1:00 Pm (GMT) will ship same day from our UK HQ

Note: If you see a product available on our website, that means it is in our warehouse and ready for immediate shipping.

How fast will my masks arrive after shipment?

Domestic orders ship via Royal Mail Priority mail with a tracking number and an estimated delivery within 1-3 days.

International orders ship via FedEx, UPS, and DHL. While we always use Express Air, delivery time varies by destination.

In all cases, tracking information will be included in your shipping notification email, please check your junk mail if you have not received one within 24 hours.

What is the suggested age range for the Air Bon Childs mask?

The manufacturer suggests ages 8 years of age and older. However, as we all know, children grow at different rates, if you find the Air Bon is too big for your child, we find tying a knot in the ear loop works well to tighten the fit. If you would like to try this, we suggest creating a knot that rests between the bottom of the ear lobe and the chin so as not to create irritation at the back of the ear. If you find the mask is still too large or too small for your child we will happily exchange all unopened masks for larger Air Queen masks.

What is Nano-Fiber technology?

Nano-fiber technology  is a branch of nanotechnology whose primary objective is to create materials in the form of nanoscale fibers in order to achieve superior functions. The unique combination of high specific surface areas, flexibility, and superior directional strength makes such  fibers  superior.

What does “Breathability” mean?

The FDA has certified the Air Queen Nano Mask as an N95 substantial equivalent. This was based on filtration, fluid resistance, and air flow. Because of the nano filter technology the Air Queen Nano Masks air flow is nearly double that of other N95 masks without compromising filtration. This allows you to breathe normally with much less strain than other similarly protective masks.

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