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How to chose a face mask?

The ultimate guide

Wearing an Airqueen Mask to the grocery store was once considered overkill. Now, experts say face masks are a must. They’ve even become a requirement worldwide in this era of COVID19. Disposable masks and other face coverings won’t contain 100% of cough droplets, but people who are asymptomatic are less likely to spread COVID-19 if they wear one.

Someone could have the coronavirus and not realize it. That’s why everyone who’s physically able to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. In an effort to keep others safe, we’ve compiled all the most important features to look for when choosing a mask. Here’s what to consider.

Mask types and filtering effectiveness

Wearing any mask is better than not wearing one. When it comes to what types of masks are best, there are different levels. Cloth masks are a good start, but they need to be frequently washed, which makes them a little impractical. On the other end of the spectrum, N95 masks are the best of the best, but they’re hard to find right now because healthcare workers need them more than anyone else.

Where does that leave you? Dust masks have similar properties to the N95 and are available at most hardware stores. Masks with an FDA 510k approved N95 substantial equivalent material are also a good option. Go for a mask with two or three layers. The more layers the better as long as the mask doesn’t sacrifice breathability.

Breathability is important

Speaking of breathability, your mask needs to allow enough airflow that you don’t struggle to breathe! If you can’t catch your breath, you won’t keep your mask on…. which eliminates the point of wearing one.

A face mask has good breathability when the wearer’s breath is allowed to filter through the material. If it’s too dense, air escapes out the sides and doesn’t let the mask do its job. The mask has to catch water droplets from coughs, sneezes, and talking, otherwise, there’s no point in wearing it at all. Look for nanofiber material as a great compromise between lightweight breathability and protection from pathogens.

Disposable masks are more practical

Disposable masks are effective if they’re worn properly and can be worn for one or two uses. Instead of having to wash a cloth mask every second or third time you wear it, you can simply get rid of a disposable in favour of a fresh one. This is one of the best ways to prevent accidental contamination. You don’t have to sacrifice fit or comfort, either! Just opt for the simple solution by ordering Air Queen masks!

The next best thing to N95 masks

N95 and surgical masks are the most effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus—that’s why everyone should reserve them for healthcare workers. The good news is, saving N95 masks for healthcare workers doesn’t leave you vulnerable: you just need to choose a mask that’s designed to mimic the protection and filtration properties of these masks.

Air Queen masks are made of nanofiber that’s lightweight, comfortable, and arranged in a fishnet matrix for optimal filtration, durability, and breathability! Best of all, it’s an FDA 510k approved N95 substantial equivalent, putting it on the same tier as the high-grade PPE healthcare workers use. It’s the next best thing for anyone to wear. So in this Era of the pandemic, we would suggest you wear a mask that has the above benefits and has all the necessary protection to save you from the different variants of Covid-19 virus …remember Mask is the best solution to Pandemic .

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